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March 2009

Side Dishes and Snacks22 Mar 2009 01:58 am

This recipe was inspired by a potato dish I had as a teenager at a cookout while on summer vacation.  It was a simple combination of sliced potatoes, onions and butter.  It was made in foil and cooked on an open fire.  My first All Clad pan was their 3 qt Cassoulet and I thought it would be the perfect pan to recreate this recipe, but in the oven instead of the campfire.  (more…)

Desserts11 Mar 2009 01:02 am

hamantaschenHamantaschen are traditional Jewish cookies, made in the shape of a triangle and filled with prune or poppy-seed filling and served during the festival of Purim.  They are named after Haman, the villain in the Story of Esther (The Megillah) who wore a three-cornered hat.  This recipe is for the prune version.