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March 2008

Salads and Salad Dressings22 Mar 2008 06:01 pm

This was inspired by the salad dressing they use at a local Japanese restaurant.  Some places have a dressing that resembles thousand island, but this dressing is nothing like it.  It’s chunky and spicy from ginger and garlic, and it’s very healthy having almost no fat and being very low in carbs.


Soups22 Mar 2008 02:54 am

This is one of my (and my daughter’s) favorite soups at a Chinese restaurant. The first time I made it, my daughter asked what restaurant I brought it home from. You can make this the easy way – with a can of creamed corn – or my preferred way where you cream your own tastier corn. It doesn’t take that long to make (either way) and tastes great. This should feed about 4 people.


Main Dishes20 Mar 2008 01:33 am

If, like me, you like your Ahi lightly seared (and rare on the inside) with a tasty sauce, you’ll like this dish.  I created the marinade out of my head one day.  Serve it with a salad and some Asian vegetables or rice if you’re not watching the carbs. 


Desserts19 Mar 2008 03:24 am

This recipe makes a very rich tasting but light textured chocolate mousse that is almost sin free.  People can’t believe it’s zero carb, has no milk products, zero cholesterol and very low in fat (about 10 grams per serving).  This recipe was adapted from several of Alice Medritch’s excellent chocolate mousse recipes. If you’re a fan of chocolate desserts, you need to get her books Bittersweet and Chocolate and the Art of Low Fat Desserts. I combined the basic mousse recipes from Bittersweet with some of the low fat ideas from the other book. I modified the basic mousse recipes to make them easier to make and to eliminate the carbs (they were already lactose-free).


Main Dishes08 Mar 2008 05:55 pm

This is a recipe that was derived from “Lamb Cacciatore” that I learned at the Viking Home Chef cooking series I took.  When we hear “cacciatore” we usually think of  “chicken cacciatore” which uses a tomato based sauce.  “Cacciatore” means “hunter style” and in some parts of the world (most notably Germany and that region) “hunter style” means a mushroom sauce.  The recipe I learned used a dark beef-based sauce but didn’t have any mushrooms.  Adding the mushrooms and adapting it for the slow cooker are my contributions.