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Soups11 Dec 2009 05:09 am

This is a hearty soup, perfect for a cold evening.  Very flavorful and creamy, yet uses no butter or extra fat.  This recipe is for the slow cooker and is easy to make. (more…)

Main Dishes&Soups18 Aug 2008 06:23 am

This is my recipe for Sweet and Sour Cabbage Borscht, aka Cabbage Soup.  It’s my most requested recipe.  Even though it’s called “borscht” there are no beets in it.  It is based on my mother’s recipe which I’ve modified.  I make it in the slow cooker, my mother made it on the stovetop.  It can be a side dish or a full one-pot meal. (more…)

Soups22 Mar 2008 02:54 am

This is one of my (and my daughter’s) favorite soups at a Chinese restaurant. The first time I made it, my daughter asked what restaurant I brought it home from. You can make this the easy way – with a can of creamed corn – or my preferred way where you cream your own tastier corn. It doesn’t take that long to make (either way) and tastes great. This should feed about 4 people.